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Potential Patients

Our number one goal at CA Anesthesia is to provide you with one of the best dental experiences of your life! Dr. Elmasri is a mobile anesthesia provider, which means that he will come to your local dental office.

Dr. Elmasri is committed to providing the safest environment possible. In order to do so, he will take a very thorough medical history and may contact your treating physician. The field of Dental Anesthesia is growing rapidly due to the number of patients that benefit from this services, such as patients with:

Many children are apprehensive and, therefore, uncooperative at the dental office. Forced treatment may cause a traumatic experience for these children and lead to avoiding dental offices and appointments.

This may occur at any age in any patient. Fear/anxiety varies in intensity and may range from subtle to debilitating. This may have resulted from a previous traumatic experience or fear of anticipation and pain.

Patients that have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD have trouble focusing and may have trouble sitting still in the dental chair without fidgeting or shifting their weight. This may be difficult for the dentist to provide quality treatment.

There is a wide range of Autism. Some patients with Autism maybe completely unable to cooperate in the dental chair requiring an anesthesiologist to assist. Other patients may be high functioning and may request anesthesia to aid their experience at the dentist.

Patients suffer from involuntary movements for a variety of reasons, one of which is Parkinson’s Disease. This causes a moving target for the dentist. Once the patient is under anesthesia

Patients afflicted with these neurological deficits may be uncooperative due to confusion or forgetfulness. Anesthesia allows patients to fully cooperate in the dental chair allowing quality dentistry to be provided.

Patients with developmental delay may have trouble understanding and comprehending the dental treatment. Anesthesia will provide them the environment to safely undergo quality dentistry.

Patients with cerebral palsy have muscular deficiencies. These patients may benefit from anesthesia, especially the younger patients.

Patients with psychiatric disorders vary depending on the type and severity of affliction. Some patients may benefit from light sedation and some may require general anesthesia.

Some patients cannot undergo dentistry without a severe gag reflex being stimulated. This may result in a very uncomfortable experience for the patient and the dentist. General anesthesia will remove this reflex allowing a pleasant experience for the dentist and the patient.

Some patients are immune or tolerant to local anesthesia. This results in ineffective numbness and pain during dental treatment. Dr. Elmasri has treated several of these patients under general anesthesia.

Some patients may have a high drug tolerance which means that local anesthetic may only be effective for a short amount of time or mild sedation may not be effective for these types of patients. Dr. Elmasri works with each patient to find the right method of treatment to provide a great experience.

General Information

After reviewing a patient’s medical history and speaking to the patient and operator. One of the following anesthetic techniques will be decided:

• Light to moderate sedation (depressed level of consciousness – easily arousable)
• Deep sedation (depressed level of consciousness — not easily arousable)
• General anesthesia (unconscious — not arousable)

For your safety, regardless of the type of anesthesia, an adult escort is needed to drive you home and stay with you for a few hours. Unfortunately, ride services such as a taxi, Uber or Lyft are unacceptable as means of transportation after anesthesia.

Our goal is to provide the best dental experience for you. Dr. Elmasri prefers to call all his patients before and after anesthesia work and is accessible for any questions.


Financial Information

A depost will be charged upon scheduling. An estimate of anesthesia cost will depend on the estimate of the dental procedure. For your convenience, we accept Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.


Please download the appropriate form for the patient. You can fax or e-mail it to Dr. Elmasri who will contact you.


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